Michael Bosch

Michael Bosch



Senior Developer & SAP Customer Checkout Expert


Shaping Tomorrow's
Tech Brands with Innovative Point of Sale Solutions

At the intersection of technology and retail, I pave the way for the brands of the future. My expertise lies in crafting innovative Point of Sale solutions that not only meet today’s demands but also anticipate the needs of tomorrow. Join me on a journey to redefine the retail experience and elevate your brand to new heights.


Innovating for Excellence
Setting New Industry Standards.

Experience accelerated growth that not only boosts your valuation but also raises industry standards. Our approach is all about propelling your success to new heights, setting a higher benchmark for excellence in your industry.




SAP CCO Plug-ins

11 years


7 years

SAP CCO Standard Development


What we can offer you.

Guiding Your POS Project to Success.

  • SAP CCO Extension Development

    Tailored POS Enhancements for Your Business


    Unlock the full potential of your Point of Sale system with tailored extensions. Our expert development services empower you to add new features, streamline processes, and enhance your customer experience, all while maintaining seamless integration with your existing ERP system.

  • POS Transformation

    Seamless POS Transformation from Setup to Revolution.


    Embark on a comprehensive SAP Customer Checkout transformation journey with us. From initial setup and installation to ongoing support, our end-to-end solutions completely revamp your retail operations. Elevate your business with a fully integrated and efficient POS ecosystem.

  • Customize and Expand Your POS

    Through a dedicated emphasis on performance optimization, our solutions have the potential to take your SAP CCO system to new heights.


    Acquire a deep and comprehensive grasp of all functionalities, guaranteeing that your POS solution functions at its utmost efficiency and consistently delivers outstanding results.


Skills collected
over the years and days.



Javascript / Typescript


SAP Customer Checkout



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